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  • MSI Sakib started his journey in 2014 with as a Content writing and Blogger in Internet Marketing niche.
  • He had to learn SEO, Digital Marketing, WP site development and Optimization etc to drive traffic to his blog.
  • Digital product affiliation and CPA marketing are the bases of his online earning and he has successfully sold one of his blogs at a five figure ($XX,XXX) USD in 2018. 
  • So far he has served over 10 companies world-wide to generate more traffic and make more sales online.
  • In 2015 he co-founded an app development startup named Droid Digger with his University friends and served as the Business Strategist and UI/UX Designer. Droid Digger won 3 Hackathons within first two years of getting birth.
  • In addition, he has started another startup named Nextbit Tech which is working on it’s own POD Business series. MSI Sakib is serving Nextbit Tech as the Store manager, Chief Marketer and Technical Officer.
  • Lastly, due to his interest in global economy and business he became passionate about US Stock Market and started Stock Trading as test purpose.

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