Last 4 years of experience in SEO and Digital marketing industry gave me the ability to help 20+ companies from 7 different countries to Get more Traffic, Reach more Audience and Make more Sales.


I am MSI Sakib, a passionate online activist and tech freak guy having various skill-sets in tech industry, helping companies to grow through online platform and building my own online assets.

I have one more thing to add,

When did you check your smartphone last time? I bet it's just a few minutes or may be you are still holding your device and going through my profile. Keeping this growing smartphone users of 2.3 Billion in mind I co-founded a mobile app development and marketing startup to serve this Billion dollar (77 Billion to be exact) mobile app industry which got National Award within the first year of it's birth, we gave an AWESOME name to it which is Droid Digger.

Check out my full work profile and let me know what do you think of me ;)

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Some of my Businesses/Brands

Techmasi - Learn Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing

Techmasi is a blog on SEO, Blogging and Internet marketing topics.

Droid Digger - Web and Mobile Solution Company

Droid Digger is a National Award winner Mobile app development startup.

ListCracker - List Makes Sense

ListCracker is a list based blog that has almost every topics on Earth.